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The Way It Is

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You can get higher resolution files:

MPEG – http://files.me.com/jamesdixon/zqbm8g.mov

Quicktime – http://files.me.com/jamesdixon/z09fku.mov

Ogg Theora – http://files.me.com/jamesdixon/l4q27g

The words are (read line by line forward, then backwards):

  • we are at the mercy of the vendors
  • we refuse to accept that
  • open source is strategic
  • closed systems
  • are better than
  • open standards
  • closed source is the future
  • you cannot say
  • software is changing
  • everyone knows
  • proprietary is better
  • we don’t believe
  • transparency is valuable
  • it is obvious
  • the big vendors are secure
  • there is no way
  • open source is widespread
  • the evidence is everywhere
  • a single-vendor stack
  • is preferable to
  • any mix of choice and ownership
  • what you just heard is the truth
  • it makes no sense to say that
  • there is an alternative

To my knowledge this style of presentation was first used in a political campaign for Lopez Murphy in Argentina:

And then in an AARP video competition:


Written by James

May 2, 2009 at 5:13 pm

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