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More Hadoop in New York City

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Yesterday was fun. First I met with a potential customer looking to try Hadoop for a big data project.

Then I had a lengthy and interesting chat with Dan Woods. Amongst other things Dan runs http://www.citoresearch.com/ and also blogs for Forbes. We talked about Pentaho’s history and our experiences so far with the commercial open source model.   We also talked about Hadoop and big data and about the vision and roadmap of our Agile BI offering.

Next I met with Steve Lohr who is a technology reporter for the New York Times. We talked about many topics including the enterprise software markets and how open source is affecting them. We also talked about Hadoop, of course.

Next was a co-meet-up of the New York Predictive Analytics and No-SQL groups where I presented decks about Weka and Hadoop, separately and together. There were lots of interesting questions and side discussions earlier. By the time we finished all these topics a blizzard was going on out side. Cabs were nowhere to be seen so Matt Gershoff of Conductrics was kind enough to lead me via the subway to the vicinity of my hotel.


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January 27, 2011 at 4:01 pm

Big Data in New York City

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I’m having an interesting time in NYC this week. I had to retrieve my snowboarding jacket out of the attic for this trip. It’s snowing right now, which is better than the sleet forecast for later. So far I’ve met with a few Big Data customers and prospects and presented at the New York Hadoop User Group. Our hybrid database/Hadoop data lake architecture always gets a good reception and our ability to run our data integration engine within the Hadoop data nodes impresses people.

Being the first Business Intelligence vendor to bring reporting and ETL to the Hadoop space sets us apart from all the other vendors. We have so much recognition in this space that I’ve spoken to a few people in the last month who thought we were ‘THE’ visualization and data transformation provider for Hadoop and didn’t connect to other data sources.

This afternoon I’m meeting with reporters and columnists from a couple of different publications to chat about Big Data / Hadoop stuff. Tonight I’m presenting at the New York Predictive Analytics Meetup to talk about Hadoop from an analysis perspective.



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January 26, 2011 at 5:20 pm

Meetups and Pentaho Summit(s) coming up in January

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It’s going to be a busy month.

January 19th and 20th is our Global 2011 Summit in San Francisco. I have three sessions Pentaho for Hadoop, Extending Pentaho’s Capabilities, and an Architecture Overview. So I’m creating and digging up some new sample plug-ins and extensions. I’m also going to take part in an Q&A session with the Penaho architects since Julian Hyde (Mondrian), Matt Casters (PDI/Kettle), Thomas Morgner (Pentaho Reporting) will all be there. Who should attend?

CTOs, architects, product managers, business executives and partner-facing staff from System Integrators and Resellers, as well as Software Providers with a need to embed business intelligence or data integration software into your products.

We usually have customers and prospects attending our summits as well.

We are also having an architect’s summit that same week to work on our 2011 technology road-map. That should be a lot of fun.

The week after that I’ll be in New York presenting at the NYC Hadoop User Group on Tuesday, January 25 and the NYC Predictive Analytics Meetup on Wednesday January 26th.

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January 5, 2011 at 9:20 pm

What Agile BI is not…

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I have a late entry for Pentaho’s ‘What is Agile BI?’ competition.

Agile BI is everything that is wrong with this: ‘Baker Hughes Deploys SAP BusinessObjects Solutions in Less Than One Year’

This is the title of a session that was run yesterday at the SAP/SapphireNow conference in Orlando. That’s old-school, right there.

Thanks to @markmadsen and @wherescape on Twitter for giving me the twit-up on this.

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May 19, 2010 at 5:28 pm

Lean Manufacturing for BI Projects

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In a recent Forrester post Boris Evelson talks about one company’s ‘333’ rule which they use to decide how far to complete a BI project – http://blogs.forrester.com/business_process/2010/03/333-rule-to-keep-your-bi-apps-in-check.html

By waiting to see how much, and for how long, a BI solution is used before taking the effort to fully bake it, the company can deliver projects quicker and make better use of its resources. This is a good example of Lean Manufacturing in practice: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lean_manufacturing

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March 8, 2010 at 4:23 pm

Using or thinking about agile approaches for a BI project?

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As part of our Agile BI initiative I am gathering data about the current use of agile methodologies for BI projects. What has been your usage or thoughts of agile?

Question 1

Question 2

There are different kinds of agile methodologies. In the simple agile approach every iteration has the same structure and produces the same kinds of deliverable (reports and cubes that users can access). In an Agile Unified Process the iterations come in phases – requirements/inception, design/elaboration, build/construction, deploy/transition – in each phase the iterations produce different deliverables.

Question 3

Agile teams are small and cross-functional. Who do you have on your agile BI teams?

Thanks for participating. For more information on our agile BI initiative:

Pentaho Agile BI Wiki

Introduction to Pentaho Agile BI

Written by James

November 11, 2009 at 3:54 pm