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My thoughts on “Why Women Shouldn’t Code”

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Here is the original article: https://medium.com/@hardaway/why-women-shouldnt-code-82205165e64a

Firstly, the title is attention grabbing nonsense. The article is about why women (girls) should not be forced to learn to code at school.

There are a some good points in the article. In general, today, women are less interested in software careers, and software degrees than men are. That’s a fact.

Companies like to promote from within, but many (male) software engineers make lousy managers and directors. Myself included. So finding good software engineering managers is hard. That’s a fact. Imagine Sheldon Cooper managing a team of 10 Sheldon Coopers. What a nightmare. The best managers I ever had as a software engineer were all women. The others were all men. So I would like to see college and vocational courses just for Engineering Management. That might be a role that attracts more women than men. If so, great.

I don’t agree that women shouldn’t code. I don’t agree that girls should not be required to learn coding at school – and here is why. At school we learn Art, and Music, and History, and Sports. How many of us become professional artists, musicians, historians, or athletes? Almost none of us, but that’s not why we learn them.Learning the about those subject enriches us and gives us context. So much of our world today is driven by and dependent on computers, that a basic understanding of how they are controlled seems, to me, to be more important than knowing who won the Battle of Antietam and when.

If teaching girls to code results in more female software engineers, that’s great, if it doesn’t, that’s ok too, because they know more about the world than they did before.

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April 15, 2015 at 11:13 pm

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