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Oracle Trying to Acquire Red Hat?

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If this rumor is true I think it is a good thing. Oracle has gone from trying to destroy Red Hat to trying to buy them. It shows that they failed trying to beat Red Hat at their own game with Oracle’s Unbreakable Linux offering. It proves the robustness of open source and a commercial open source offering. Microsoft provides us with another example.

Microsoft identified the threat from open source in the late nineties (see the Halloween documents). In the ten years following that Microsoft was unable to do anything to stop the growth of open source and finally entered the field by forming the Novell alliance. Now they have codeplex and claim to be open source friendly. But during that same period Microsoft aggressively targeted many commercial companies and technologies resulting in anti-trust law suits. Why were there no law suits claiming Microsoft used unfair practices against open source? Because there was no unfair practice they could have used that would not have ultimately helped open source rather than hurting it.

So I think Oracle trying to acquire Red Hat is a good thing, it is more proof that open source is hard to compete against. Oralce actually acquring Red Hat? Not so sure.


Written by James

April 2, 2009 at 3:39 pm