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Re: Misunderstanding Open Source

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In response to Seth Grimes post:


I agree with your points Seth.

I’m not that surprised about the level of confusion amongst the BI folks when the open source insiders seem to be out-of-sync with each other at times. There is a lot of debate, research, and discussion about the various models currently being tried. The spectrum of alternatives is practically a continuum. Different groups, having picked a spot on the continuum, are justifying their choice in part by speaking against the positions on either side of them. The Free Software Foundation does not agree even with the term ‘open source’, some of the open source purists don’t like the idea of commercial open source, the professional-services-only and the single-vendor-software commercial open source companies are positioning themselves against each other etc.

I think until the continuum has resolved into a few commonly-understood models confusion will be hard to eliminate.


Written by James

May 27, 2008 at 4:56 pm

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